Dog Treat Selfie Clip

Get that perfect pooch shot! 

Is getting your four-legged friend to sit, stay, and smile for the camera doggone impossible? Meet the Dog Treat Selfie Clip! The Dog Treat Selfie Clip attaches to any phone and holds a dog treat to keep your pooch's attention. The Dog Treat Selfie Clip is easy to use and can keep your dog still and looking at the camera long enough for you to get that perfect shot! When you share your photos on social media, your friends will be begging for more!

Snapping the perfect picture can be ruff, but The Dog Treat Selfie Clip makes it easy! Just clip it to your phone, add a dog treat, and voila! Your pup will be mesmerized...for at least 5 seconds!

  • Clip to your phone and add your dog's favourite treat to get their attention! 
  • Fits any phone 
  • Dog treat not included