Antjie's Pedicure Stacker

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Hello beautiful, relaxed feet! Antjie’s pedicure set is a great treat packed with quality natural ingredients.

Step 1: Mustard Foot Bath: Stir some mustard foot bath in lukewarm water. Let your feet relax and soak in the goodness of all natural ingredients. 

Step 2: Mint & Tea Tree Foot Scrub: Scrub and polish your feet with this natural foot scrub. 

Step 3: Mint Foot Lotion: Rub this luxurious foot lotion into your feet to help soften and moisturise your skin. 

    All of these gorgeous goodies are handmade right here in South Africa with natural ingredients.

    • The stacker contains 55g Mustard Foot Bath, 50g foot scrub, and 50ml foot lotion
    • Stack measures 10cm in height
    • Handmade in South Africa with natural ingredients 
    • Not tested on animals 
    • Certified sustainable palm oil 
    • Vegetarian friendly