AromaDough Stress Therapy – Teen/Student Range

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AromaDough is a truly unique product that combines the healing properties of aromatherapy oils with the tactile release of stress balls and playdough. Each ball of dough is infused with a carefully selected blend of essential oils specifically chosen for their unique properties, and their influence on both body and mind. Simply squeeze, roll, or mould the ball to benefit from their healing powers!

The Teen/Student Range has been specifically formulated to enhance clarity and focus, helping teens and students to study and write exams, and to deal with anxiety. The tactile release of "fiddling" has also been shown to help focus the mind, so rolling a ball of AromaDough in the hands will benefit those who battle with sitting still.

The range includes: 

  • Calm - neroli, lemongrass and lavender 
  • Exam - sweet orange, lemon and frankincense 
  • Study - lemongrass, lavender and lime 
  • Focus - rosemary, watermelon, lavender and lime 

This range is also available in three-packs: 

  • Girl: Calm / Focus / Study 
  • Boy: Study / Calm / Exam

AromaDough products are non-toxic, and contain no preservatives or chemicals. Ingredients include flour, water, salt, food colouring and cocoa butter. 

Check out our full range of AromaDough products for adults, kids and teens. 

  • Each pack contains one 65g ball of AromaDough. 
  • Three packs contain three 65g balls of AromaDough. 
  • Please note that packaging may differ slightly from the product photographs.