AromaRoll Aromatherapy Pulse Rollers - School/Student Range

The blends that made Aromadough® famous are now captured in a bottle! Each Aromaroll® wand has a blend of essential oils for a specific need. Take the guesswork out of messy pouring and blending by getting your pre-formulated, pre-blended, beautifully packaged wand of health.

Aromaroll® uses only the best grade fractionated coconut and grapeseed oils with pure essential oils. Dab the oils into the belly button for quick results as well as touching behind the ears, pulse points and feet. Each wand lasts between 6-9 months if used once or twice daily.

How do these oils work? Oil properties attach to receptors on the outside of a human cell to bring about changes within. It takes between 4 and 10 seconds for the human body to recognise the goodness each oil molecule brings and to convert it to easing and healing.

  • 10ml pulse roller 
  • Pre-blended essential oils for ease of use 
  • Simply apply a small amount behind the ears, to pulse points or feet. 

The Teen/Student Range has been specifically formulated to enhance clarity and focus, helping teens and students to study and write exams, and to deal with anxiety. The rollers will also prove beneficial for younger school-goers by improving focus and concentration both in the classroom and when completing homework.

The range includes: 

  • Calm - Neroli, Lemongrass & Lavender
  • Exam - Sweet Orange, Lemon & Frankincense
  • Study - Lemongrass, Lavender & Lime
  • Focus - Vetiver, Lemongrass, Lavender & Lemon

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