Balloon Arch Kit - Blue

Balloon arches are an ultra impressive addition to any party venue! Make sure your guests are wowed with this do-it-yourself balloon arch kit. It contains everything you'll need to assemble a breathtaking balloon arch feature.   

This blue balloon arch features 70 balloons in total, consisting of: 

  • 15 x 13cm - White Balloons
  • 15 x 13cm - Teal Balloons
  • 10 x 30.5cm - Blue Balloons
  • 10 x 30.5cm - Pearl Blue Balloons
  • 10 x 30.5cm - Pearl White Balloons 
  • 4 x 30.5cm - Confetti Balloons - Blue Confetti
  • 4 x 30.5cm - Blue Marble Balloons
  • 2 x 46cm - White Balloons and
  • 4m balloon tape and glue dots

Balloon arches come with all components to assemble at home. Please note that the balloon arches are NOT delivered already assembled.