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Bamboo Coffee Cup (340ml) – Amstel

Bamboo Coffee Cup (340ml) – Amstel

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Your coffee habit is killing the planet!

We hate to sound like negative Nancys, but a moerse lot of so-called disposable coffee cups are thrown away each day all over the world. Most of them aren't biodegradable, and that just isn't good for the environment.

Thankfully there is a solution: reusable cups!

Coffee houses across iMzansi are now offering discounts to anyone who brings their own re-usable cup for their daily fix!

But what to use?

That embarrassing old plastic travel mug with the puppies on it? A flask that you found in your granny's cupboard dating back to the Boer War?

Rather use a cup made from the fastest-growing and most sustainable crop in the world: bamboo!

These cups are lightweight and feel like plastic (weird, right?), but rest assured, they’re 100% environmentally friendly and can be reused again and again. They’re also dishwasher safe ­– just don't go putting them in the microwave, mkay?

Plus, they're sooo pretty! You won't have to hang your head in shame when you're toting your half-caf, double-cream soy latte around in this baby, whether you're in Sandton or Long Street. 

Get yours now and start feeling a little less guilty about your coffee habit – you're saving the planet and you're looking glam while you're at it.

About this design

This particular design is from the Tiny Garden range and was inspired by the small public gardens that have been planted around Amsterdam in effort to reduce waste.

What’s in the box?

  • A 340ml reusable bamboo coffee cup
  • A food grade silicone lid with resealable, no-drip drinking spout
  • A food grade silicone sleeve

Care instructions

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not microwave safe