Bee Food Seed Mix

Do your bit to save the bees! 

Bees are nature's pollinators, and are vital to the survival of our ecological system. Sadly, vast numbers of the bee population are being threatened due to habitat loss, climate change and other threats. 

Bee Food Boxes from Reel Gardening are packed with edible plants that both you and the friendly pollinators in your garden can enjoy! Plant some bee food in a small pot on a balcony or in a sunny spot in your garden.

The Spring Bee Food Mix (orange box) is ideal for planting in the Spring months and contains: 

Beans: Green beans are easy to grow, full of fibre and are a great source of protein. The bees love the nectar from the bean flowers and so does your soil. Green beans add nitrogen to your soil, which improves its fertility. Green beans need to be planted in Spring and Summer and in full sunlight and they can be planted in pots or in the ground.

Basil: Basil will not only attract bees to your garden, but this delicious herb also adds a complimentary taste to your tomato dishes. Basil grows best in the Spring and Summer warmth and should be planted in full sunlight.

Nasturtium: These edible beauties are also used in herbal medicines for colds and flu and can help with the formation of new blood cells. Bees love to climb and feed on nasturtium flowers, which can be planted all year round and in full sunlight.


The Autumn Bee Food Mix (purple box) is perfect for planting in – you guessed it – Autumn, and contains the following: 

Borage: Not only do bees love Borage, but you and your soil will do too! This medicinal herb has intense blue and edible flowers that have an appealing and mild cucumber taste. The borage plant grows perfectly when planted in full sunlight and can be grown all year round. It will grow to about 60cm tall and can be grown in containers or raised beds

Pansy: Pansy flowers are bright and come in various colours and brings beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies to your garden. They can grow through any season and are a great source of food for bees in winter. They are edible and are mostly used in cake decorating. They have a beautiful fragrance said to be perfume-like and the most potent scent belongs to the blue or yellow pansy flowers.

Peas: Garden peas are easy to grow, resilient in the cold and the more you pick, the more the plant will produce. Peas should be planted in Autumn because they don’t enjoy the heat. The plant will flower in winter, feeding the bees when they need it the most.