Blessings Baby Blanket (English & Afrikaans)

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Make sure baby is extra snuggly with this super soft coral fleece baby blanket! The luxurious mink-soft texture is perfect for baby's skin, and each blanket features a blessing for baby in your choice of English or Afrikaans.

  • Made from super soft coral fleece - see details below
  • Measures 70 x 100cm
  • The English blanket is only available in pink and the Afrikaans blanket is only available in grey. Unfortunately because we are not the manufacturers of the blankets, we are unable to offer custom colours or verses.
English Blessing (pink blanket):
May the Lord 
bless you 
and keep you safe
Take your hand 
when need be 
And fill your heart 
with His love

Afrikaans Blessing (grey blanket):
Mag Jesus jou seën
en jou veilig hou
Jou hand vashou
as dit nodig is 
En jou hartjie vul
met Sy liefde

What is Coral Fleece? 

Ultra fine coral fleece is more expensive to produce, but provides a thicker and higher “pile” than similar fabrics. The texture is fine, soft to the touch, does not ball, and does not fade. Excellent water absorption performance - three times that of cotton products! No irritation to the skin, and no allergies. Nifty right?