Bonafide Beards All Natural Cleansing Bars

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Gone are the days of using generic shampoos to wash your beard – it’s time you add a Cleansing Bar to your beard grooming regime.

Bonafide Beards Cleansing Bar is made with pure coconut oil, clay, activated charcoal plus spearmint oil and was especially developed to:

  • Cleanse your beard and skin without stripping them of their natural oils
  • Moisturise your hair and skin

Suitable for all skin (and beard!) types, this proudly South African product is available in three delectably manly scents: 

  • Charcoal & Spearmint 
  • Hemp & Citrus
  • Lemongrass & Rooibos

Keep your manliest features in tip-top condition and check out the rest of our Bonafide Beards range