Complimentary Pens (Pack of 6)

Say it with stationery! Indulge a pun-lover with these mood-boosting quirky compliments. 

Hand them out as gifts to friends or co-workers to make them smile, or keep them on your desk as a 'note to self' - Either way, these pens are guaranteed to lighten the mood, with sweet messages like "You look absolutely marvellous", "Your handwriting is perfectly legible", and "People like to sit near you". Aaaaaw! 

What's in the box?

  • Six ball-point pens with complimentary messages embossed in gold
  • Black ink pens

Compliments Included:

  • Your handwriting is perfectly legible
  • Your breath is so minty
  • Everyone says you're the funny one
  • People like to sit near you
  • You look absolutely marvellous
  • You are ridiculously good looking