Flashing Food Topper: "Eat Me"

A delicious decoration for any feast! Get stuck in.

Brighten your cupcakes, bagels, burgers… in fact, turn ANY meal into a flashing, festive feast by spiking the legs into your chosen treat!

Simply activate the 45-second light sequence with the 'push' button on the back. The letters will be illuminated by LEDs and flash the affirmation in sequence: “Eat. Me. Eat. Me. Eat. Me.” Endlessly re-useable for multiple occasions!

  • Flashing "Eat Me" neon sign food decoration.
  • Food topper designed in the style of a retro Vegas neon sign
  • Letters are illuminated with LEDs and flash in sequence
  • Activate 45 second light sequence with the 'push' button on the back
  • Designed and made by Suck UK
  • 87 x 135 x 15mm | 37g