FLAXi Baby Heat Therapy Bag (assorted designs)

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These nifty little bags are ideal for parents, as FLAXi bags assist in alleviating colic and cramps, and promote relaxation and encourage sleep, while providing a sense of comfort and reassurance!

Simply place the FLAXi onto your child's abdominal area. The gentle weight of the flaxseed filling and the application of heat therapy assist in relieving colic and gas!

FLAXi Baby is an adorable range of soft and cosy cotton flannel bags filled with flaxseed and organic lavender. The stunning design features an adorable animal drawing in front and a circle pattern on the bag. It's sure to become your little one's favourite "dudu". 

Benefits for Baby:

  • Assists in alleviating colic, gas and cramps
  • Promotes relaxation and sleep 
  • Provides a sense of comfort and reassurance 


  • Available in a choice of four adorable designs (each sold separately) 
  • 100% Cotton Outer, Flaxseed & Organic Lavender filling
  • Measures 14.5cm x 9cm
  • Proudly Hand-crafted in South Africa
  • Standard teddy for size reference only - not included with purchase

Why Flaxseed?

Whole Flaxseed provides a soothing, moist heat which has proven to promote healing. Flaxseeds (which are flower seeds) are used in FLAXi bags rather than grains, as they contain 30 - 40% oil which remains inside the seed and can be warmed over and over again. Other treatment products will lose their ability to retain heat over time, as the water in them eventually evaporates. Flaxseed will never produce the “cooked grain” smell that other grain-based products create when heated over multiple occasions. Additionally, the reduced weight of Flaxseed provides a gentle and comforting texture to our FLAXi bags.

Directions for use

Simply heat in microwave in 30 second increments until the bag is lukewarm.  Place FLAXi Baby onto infant’s abdominal area. The gentle weight of the filling and the application of heat assists in relieving colic and gas. The subtle fragrance of lavender also promotes calmness and improves sleep. The removable cover can be hand washed in cold water. To preserve its fragrance, store FLAXi Baby in an airtight container or sealed bag after cooling.