GloveLite Flashlight

Introducing the ultimate gift for DIY, gadget and tech fans: this nifty GloveLite is an innovative way to provide light when it's needed the most, without the fuss of torches and spotlights.The GloveLite slips on like a glove and brings light right to your fingertips. It's the perfect choice for working at night, under sinks, in dark corners, under the hood of your car and more! Simply slip the neoprene Glovelite over your thumb and index finger of your right hand and secure with wrist with comfort fit closure.

  • GloveLite featuring dual 5,000 mcd LEDs
  • The flashlight you can't drop! 
  • One size fits all – right handed; men & women
  • Comfortable, adjustable fit with 0.5mm black neoprene