"Hands-Free Buddy" Germ Prevention Tool

Does touching ATM keys, opening doors and pushing lift buttons give you the heebie-jeebies these days? Same... that's why the clever guys over at Jenam have developed this nifty little tool to put a barrier between your hands and these germ-carrying surfaces that you encounter every day. 

Made of durable plastic that's easy to wipe clean, the Hands-Free Buddy is cleverly shaped to allow you to perform a number of everyday tasks while limiting your contact with germs. It also features a handy keyring to make sure it's always on hand. Just remember to sanitise afterwards! 

Use the hands-free buddy:

  • To open doors 
  • At the ATM 
  • When using speedpoint machines at cashiers 
  • In public bathrooms 
  • To push lift and parking machine buttons
  • To poke your spouse when they irritate you
  • And a million other ways!