Kwetsa Kwaal Alcoholic Ginger Beer Brew

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Pop! Peel! Phuza!

Introducing Kwetsa Kwaal: the truly South African way to brew at home, bru. This nifty little tin contains all you need to make 5 litres of your own ginger beer – with a little kick! 

Simply add 5L of warm water to the contents of the tin, allow to stand for 48 hours, shake well – and enjoy! The fermentation process means that your ginger beer will contain approximately 6% alcohol. 

  • 500g tin makes 5L of ginger beer  
  • The end product contains approximately 6% alcohol
  • Fermentation takes 48 hours 
  • Ingredients: Ginger, Sugar, Yeast and Cream of Tartar
  • Enjoy responsibly!
  • Proudly supporting a small South African business