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Light-up LED Party Balloons (5 pack)

Light-up LED Party Balloons (5 pack)

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These nifty balloons are guaranteed to liven up any celebration! Simply switch the LED light on and blow up the balloon. Best of all, these come in packs of 5 – but you may want to order multiple packs to make sure your party is covered!

🎈 Each pack contains five balloons in assorted colours.

🎈 LED lights last approximately 12 hours.

🎈 Best used indoors or out of direct sunlight or extreme heat, as this may cause them to deflate.

🎈 Please note that these balloons are NOT delivered already inflated. You can blow them up like normal balloons, or have them filled with helium. 

What’s in the box?

  • 5 balloons with attached LEDs