Lunch Punch Sandwich Cutters (Assorted)

Maximum fun with minimum waste! The Lunch Punch is a food cutter specifically designed to capture the most amount of bread when it cuts the crust off your sandwich. It's also great for other lunchbox snacks like cheese, fruit, and homemade cookies. Perfect for school lunches or impressive playdate snacks!

Each Lunch Punch pack includes a set of 4 cutters which come beautifully boxed to make the perfect gift.  Choose the theme(s) which most inspire your little people and never serve a boring lunch again! 

  • Each set contains 4 designs! 
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 100% recyclable product and packaging
  • BPA FREE, Phthalate FREE, PVC FREE and Lead-FREE
  • Available in three themes: Transport, Puzzle and Whimsical. 

As every parent knows, it’s a daily challenge to make a healthy and appealing lunch that kids want to eat.  Sandwiches are common in children’s diets, but they can be boring and kids often don’t like the crust. The solution? Lunch Punch!