Men's Natural Stone Bracelets (assorted styles)

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Invite good vibes only with these stunning natural stone bracelets! As well as being stylish, the natural stones of these bracelets are imbibed with natural healing properties. Each stone is unique and the bracelets are handmade right here in South Africa. 

  • Handmade from natural stones that have been sourced conflict-free
  • One size fits all (approx. 21cm - men)
  • Made in South Africa 
  • Because this is a natural stone product, certain colour variations may occur.
  • Please note that each bracelet is sold separately. Photos that show additional bracelets are for illustrative purposes only.

Choose from the following Natural Stone ranges: 

Onyx (matt): A jet black stone that promotes concentration and encourages strength and wisdom. 

Sodalite: Mottled deep blue stones that encourage willpower and endurance. 

Lava, Onyx & Red Tigereye: A mixture of matt black, pitted black and deep reddish-brown stones that promote stability, calmness and creativity.

Onyx & Catseye: A mixture of different black textures with subtle mottling, the stones provides protection & good luck.

Onyx & Tigereye: Matt black and mottled gold stones, provides strength, resilience and good fortune.