Peaceful Summer Insect Repellant Candles & Body Oil

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Popular with chefs and outdoors enthusiasts, Peaceful Summer is a fresh blend that effectively repels mozzies away from you and flies away from the dinner table. It's also safe to apply the melted wax directly to skin as a repellent body oil. How nifty is that! 

These candles are available in four varieties:

  • Votive candle - one 70ml candle in a glass jar, with an 18-20 hour burn time
  • Votive candle three pack - three 70ml candles in glass jars, each with an 18-20 hour burn time 
  • Travel-lite candle in a handy tin, with a burn time of approximately 15 hours - perfect for taking on holiday! 
  • A mini travel-lite candle in a 15ml tin, with a burn time of about 7 hours - ideal for events (like weddings or parties), or an overnight trip.