Pet Paw / Baby Hand & Footprint Keepsake Kit

Capture a precious moment in time and make a keepsake of your pet's paw or baby's handprint with this high tech "inkless" kit. 

  • Non-toxic, allergy-free (no ink to skin contact)
  • Safe for babies, children and pets
  • Includes 2 boards (create two cards or use one as a practice round!)
  • Great for tracking milestones and growth
  • Great gift for baby showers
  • Perfect for framing and scrapbooking
  • Single-use keepsake gift


  1. Remove plastic film
  2. Lift plastic cover and remove ink pad
  3. Place card on flat surface 
  4. Place ink pad on card (red sticker down)
  5. Choose your placement - Do the first and second prints on different sections of the inkpad for maximum clarity
  6. Gently press hand on ink pad (no red sticker visible)
  7. Carefully lift hand and then remove the inkpad, leaving the card to dry
  8. Repeat steps 3-7 with the second card

Product Specifications - please select the required size from the drop-down menu

  • Size M: inner size 12 x 7.5cm, outer size 15.5 x 10.8cm (babies, small kids and pets)
  • Size L: inner size 14.7 x 9.5cm, outer size 18 x 12.8cm (older kids, big pets)