Plant Watering Crystal

Keep your plants perfectly watered with this stunning glass-blown crystal! Water From A Crystal slowly lets water out into your planter over the course of 3-4 days. It's a useful addition to any gardener's home, and it looks great in your pot plants!

1. Remove the cork, fill the crystal with clean water and replace the cork.
2. Turn over and test to make sure water is coming out of the water release hole.
3. Place the crystal in your planter with the cork facing down.
4. Make sure the crystal is placed on a level surface with the water release hole not obstructed. Incorrect set-up will lead the water flowing out too fast or not at all.
5. Once the crystal is in place, tap it a few times to make sure water is flowing - the bubbles rising from the water release means water is following properly.

  • 1 x plant watering crystal 
  • Made from hand-blown glass
  • Dimension approx. 16cm x 4.7cm x 4.7cm