Pocket Trivia (assorted topics)

Trivia night just got interesting! Whether you're the master of general knowledge, a movie fundi or a pet pedant, you'll find a pocket trivia set suited to your expertise! 

Choose from a range of nine Pocket Trivia Sets: 

Pocket Pub Quiz: Do you know which ocean is the smallest? Or the name of the longest bone in the human body? It's time for a battle of the brains with this ultimate test of general knowledge! 

Book Trivia: Do you know who narrates The Book Thief by Markus Zusak? Or which novel by Alice Walker became a movie starring Oprah Winfrey and Whoopi Goldberg? From naming classic authors to recalling modern page turners, add this trivia test to your library and see how well you know the chapters of your favourite tales. Will you be worthy of a Pulitzer Prize, or do you need to hit the books?

Music Trivia: Do you know the name of Nirvana's debut single? Or in which instrument Lizzo is classically trained? Find out if you're a one-hit wonder or a musical maestro with this set of 100 questions on the hottest songs, singers and musical scandals! 

Movie Trivia: Show off your knowledge of of actors, directors and movies throughout the ages with this set of 100 movie trivia questions! Score a point for each correct answer to find out who will be a Hollywood Hit and who will be a box office flop!

Generation Genius: 100 questions for the ultimate family showdown! With one set of general knowledge questions for the kids and one for the adults, take turns in answering trivia on everything from movies and music to science and art. See which generation will emerge victorious! 

Food & Drink Trivia: Do you know in which country pho originated? Or which trendy pastry Dominique Ansel created? Including 100 questions on food and drink, see who's the master chef and who's the fast food fiend! 

I Love the 90s: Do you know who wrote the Goosebumps books? Or which band had a hit with "Barbie Girl"? With 100 questions on the decade's biggest hits, hottest hunks and most regrettable trends, dust off that double-denim and gather your friends for this trivia throwback! 

Sports Trivia: Do you know which game is played with stones and brooms? Or what the acronym MMA stands for? Huddle up sports fans and go head-to-toe to see who's champion of the world... (of sports!).

Pet Trivia: Do you know what's special about Laika the dog? Can you remember the name of Hermione's cat in Harry Potter? With 100 questions on best-loved pets, this trivia set will make you paws for thought!

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  • Choose between eight trivia topics (each sold separately) 
  • Each trivia set includes 50 cards with 100 questions 
  • Box measures 9 x 6.5 x 2cm 
  • 2+ players