Retox/Detox Pamper Kit

Whether you're winding up or winding down, this nifty little pamper kit has a beauty solution to have you looking fab from head to toe! 

Sometimes the best part of going out is getting ready - or is it the duvet day afterwards? This Retox/Detox bumper pack has your skincare covered pre- and post-party, helping you glow up for a big event then wind down and replenish. It contains 8 spa treatments including hair masks, face masks, foot masks and eye masks for top-to-toe indulgence!

  • GLOW UP: Get ready for your night out with: Pomegranate & Paw Paw Face Mask; Sheaf Butter & Peach Kernel Intensive Foot Cream; Grape & Ginseng Eye Gel Pads; and Almond Oil Leave-In Hair Mask
  • WIND DOWN: Time to recharge with: Cucumber & Aloe Vera Face Mask; Wild Rose Revitalising Eye Pads; Aromatherapy Foot Treatment; and Jojoba Leave-In Hair Mask

There are a total of eight single-use beauty treatment sachets in the kit: 

  • 2 x hair masks 
  • 2 x face masks 
  • 2 x eye pads 
  • 2 x foot treatments