Self Love Facial Kit

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This facial kit is all about removing makeup and exfoliating the skin - two very important steps in your skincare routine! Simply use your new makeup remover pads and exfoliating brush with your favourite scrub or cleanser at home! 

Self love isn't just about skincare, but it sure is a big part of it for many people. Whether it's the calming ritual, the clean aromas or the baby-soft afterglow, self love and self care go hand in hand. That's what makes this the perfect gift for any woman - we all deserve a little extra self-love and a reminder that you are perfect just as you are! 

  • 1 x facial exfoliating brush 
  • 2 x mini facial remover pads (black and pink) 
  • Packaging measures 8.3 x 7.6 cm

Home Facials / How to use: 

  • Wet the facial remover pad with warm water and use it to remove your makeup.
  • Apply a scoop of any cleansing scrub to the exfoliating brush sponge. 
  • Gently massage over damp skin in circular motions then rinse off. 
  • Remove the sponge from the silicone holder, rinse and dry for your next use!