ShweShwe Planting Pot + Kit

Just add water and sunlight! This stunning little ShweShwe pot would make a great addition to your balcony, office desk, home decor or patio!

Made from environmentally friendly, breathable fabric right here in South Africa, its clever design will ensure that your plant roots don't rot. And the best part? Each pot comes with everything you need to plant your seeds!

Each plant pot kit contains: 

  • Traditional ShweShwe print Planting Pot (10cm in height and 11cm diameter)
  • Internal Drip Tray
  • Easy-to-plant Seed Tape Sachets
  • Soil Block
  • Fertiliser Stick

Choose from three designs, each containing a different easy-to-plant sachet of seed tape: 

  • Navy Blue (containing Sunflower seeds)
  • Maroon (containing Tomato seeds)
  • Green (containing Chive seeds)

The Planting Pot is handmade from traditional South African ShweShwe Fabric in Johannesburg. 

It is designed to be placed on any surface that is in full sunlight, either inside or outside.

The pot contains an internal drip tray and is designed as an aeration pot creating healthier plants.