Soylites Moisturising Aromatherapy Candles - Frosted Tumbler (220ml)

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This gorgeous candle is two gifts in one: it fills the room with a heavenly scent as it burns, and the melted wax can be used as a decadent moisturiser. How nifty is that! 

These environmentally friendly candles have won a slew of design and innovation awards, and we can see why. The aromatherapy blends are utterly gorgeous, and the wax melts at a low temperature, meaning that it can be safely poured directly onto the skin. The melted wax is full of Vitamin E and Lecithin, making it an amazing nourishing and moisturising treatment for all skin types.

  • 220ml candles in a frosted glass tumbler
  • 50 hour burn time 

Choose from the decadent range of fragrances and set the mood:

    • Balance - Neroli, Cedarwood & Lemongrass
    • Creativity - Wild Litchi
    • Decadence - Vanilla & Ylang Ylang
    • Energise - Spearmint, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Geranium & Ginger
    • Positivity - Desert Rose & Orange Blossom
    • Tranquility - Frankincense, Sandalwood, Geranium & Orange 

Soylites Moisturising Candles are also available in a smaller Votive (70ml) size.