LED Wax Candle – Rose Ball

This nifty LED candle is round with delicate rose-shaped carvings around the sides. It feels like a real wax candle, but it won't melt, because there is no open flame or heat. This makes them super safe to use indoors and outdoors, around both children and pets! From loadshedding to weddings, these candles will certainly add a soft glow to any occasion. 


  • Realistic flickering candle-glow light
  • On/off switch on the base for easy use
  • Measures approx 60 x 70mm (H x W)
  • Carved rose wax detail
  • Replaceable CR2032 battery included
  • No open flame or melting wax
  • Safe to use
  • Wind resistant
  • Makes a perfect wedding favour
  • Loadshedding friendly! 

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