White Floating LED T-Lights (4 Candles)

When these t-lights float on water, they emit a soft, white-light glow. You don't even need an excuse to bring them out - Loadshedding? Monday night bathtime? Why not! 

They also make excellent additions to décor for weddings, pool parties, Christmas, and more! Use them as a table centrepiece, or in the pool, a pond or any water feature! Once removed from the water, the light will automatically turn off when dry.

  • 4 x Floating LED T-Light Candles
  • Candles with water sensor
  • White light LED Candle
  • T-Light turns on when placed in water and off when removed from water
  • 1 x Replaceable CR2032 battery per candle included 
  • Batteries give up to 50 hours of light
  • No open flame or melting wax
  • Wind resistant
  • Safe and easy to use

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