Zany Zoo Puzzle (1000 pieces)

Zany Zoo is part of the Fresh Artists project: an award-winning nonprofit empowering young lives through art by engaging vulnerable children as full partners in philanthropy, by advocating for a quality education for all children by widely exhibiting children’s artwork in highly visible and unexpected places, and by providing art supplies and innovative art programs to severely under-resourced public schools. Every child in the Norristown PA School District in the US was invited to adopt and paint a portrait of their favourite animal in the tiny local Elmwood Park Zoo. The resulting 796 portraits were exhibited to honour the 50th Birthday of Earth Day, and ninety-nine artworks became part of the Fresh Artists Collection of Children’s Art. Ten portraits were chosen to create the stunning Zany Zoo Fresh Artists 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle.

  • 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle 
  • 50 x 68cm when completed 

Designed By: Fresh Artists