"Escape from the Museum" Escape Room Mini-Game

Mini Escape Room Game by Professor Puzzle

An ordinary trip to the museum turns into chaos when you find yourself alone and locked in after hours! The only clue to find the key is written in a strange language – decipher the clues, solve the puzzles and make your escape. 

Can you solve the 12 brain-busting puzzles, decode the alphabet on an ancient stone tablet, and find the key to your freedom before your time runs out?

This mini, collaborative escape room experience has an average play-time of 45 minutes and is great fun to do with friends and family! Solve the brain-busting puzzle and find the key to your freedom.

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Product details: 

  • 1+ players 
  • Suitable for ages 12+
  • Box dimensions: 13cm x 9cm x 2cm
  • Part of the Escape Room Games by Professor Puzzle
  • Set contains 12 puzzles, museum papers and artefacts, a pencil, instructions and solutions.