Acupressure Massage Rings (set of 3)

Relieve tension, stimulate your neural system and improve circulation with this set of three nifty acupressure massage rings!

Simply pop one of the rings on any finger, and roll up and down to benefit from the release of endorphins. The activation of the neural system and stimulating blood circulation can result in immediate pain relief, accelerate the process of healing, promote relaxation, provide stress relief, and improve digestion and the immune system.

Plus it feels REALLY good! 

These babies are perfect to keep on your desk at the office or home, to provide relief to tired fingers or to give you something to fiddle with while you work through complex problems. 

  • Set of three acupressure massage rings in silver, gold and copper
  • Relieve tension, improve circulation and stimulate the neural system
  • One size fits most