Incognito Wine Tasting Sleeves

Add a bit of intrigue to your next wine and cheese evening with these Incognito Wine Tasting Sleeves! 

This nifty little gift tin comes with five numbered black "skins" that fit over wine bottles, allowing you to host a blind tasting. Show off your wine expertise and test how refined your friends' palates really are – do they know a good wine if they can't see the label? 

This makes an excellent gift for any wine connoisseur!

Tasting more than five wines? No problem – the skins are offered in a choice of red or green numbering, so you can buy both colours for tasting up to ten wines at a time! 

  • Five numbered black "skins" that fit over most standard wine and MCC bottles 
  • Handy storage tin 
  • Choose between white, green or red numbers on the black skins