KwirkNation Journal for Gatvol South African Women

This is not your average airy-fairy appreciation journal! Designed specifically for gatvol South African women, this journal is full of personality (and profanity), and makes the perfect companion for crazy-awesome-beautiful bitches whose thoughts aren't censored! It's the perfect conversation-starting coffee table book! 

Each day's pages include sections for: 

  • Things I'm grateful for today 
  • Crap I need to change 
  • Bitch of the day 
  • Crap to remember throughout the day 
  • Mood-o-Meter
  • My crap list aka "To Do List" 
  • A profanity-laden quote of the day or space to get creative

KwirkNation is a small local business whose goal is to help South African women find the lighter side of life even in times of unimaginable madness. They know that life sucks sometimes, which is why they use a shitload of profanity to get those feel-good hysterics going.

  • A5 softcover journal 
  • 69 days of profane appreciation
  • 142 pages

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