Sherlock Holmes: The Challenge Trilogy

Featuring over 150 riddles, puzzles, and enigmas, this collection of games and quizzes will put your brain under closer scrutiny than a magnifying glass! Use your powers of deduction and reasoning with this compendium of three different mystery games. 

  • Set of three Challenge Volumes containing quizzes and brainteasers
  • Contained in a stunning branded gift box (13.5 x 9.5 x 8cm)

The Case of the Double Agent: Pose the right questions to uncover your new alter-ego, or exercise your powers of deduction to reorder some tricky anagrams.

The Case of the Cryptic Clue: Far from elementary – follow the clues to crack the case.

The Case of the Curious Conundrums: Summon your inner detective to solve these testing riddles.

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